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Nikolaj Vedenin

By default in 3ds Max you can hide with shortcut: main toolbar, command panel, ribbon, but other things like status bar, menu bar, layer toolbar, snaps toolbar and other you cant hide or show easy. So i create simply script with 7 buttons for hiding all parts of interface. You can just put this buttons on quick access bar. Hope it will be helpful for somebody.

Many Thanks Pete Addington(Lonerobot) for idea with keyboard pressed buttons and denisT from cgsociety for realization of fullscreen mode.

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1) On\Off Fullscreen Mode - make Max window ontop taskbar and resize to fullscreen
2) Show\Hide Top Bottom - show or hide: menu bar, timeslider, trackbar, statuspanel
3) Show\Hide Main Toolbar
4) Show\Hide Command Panel
5) Show\Hide Ribbon Panel
6) Show\Hide Layers Toolbar - show or hide layers toolbar
7) Show\Hide V-Ray Toolbar
8) Show\Hide Other Toolbar - show or hide toolbar with name "Other"

Extract hideui.rar in
C:\Users\***Your User***\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\***Your 3ds Max Version***\ENU\


Buttons you can find in category "delorean"

Left mouse button click for showing
Esc + left mouse button click for hiding

***Update 1.5***

  • Fullscreen Mode

***Update 1.4***

  • Now works with undocked toolbars too
  • New comands for all buttons
  • New icons
Version Requirement: 
hideui_1.5.rar4.12 KB
hideui_1.4.rar2.68 KB
hideui.rar2.76 KB