Snap Verts

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Benjamin Boscher

Snaps selected vertices to the closest vertices of the target object.
Works on Editable_Poly and Edit_Poly, at any level in any modifier stack.
Also works inside the same mesh (if you pick the same object as target object)

This is based on this script:

Additional Info: 

How it works

• Drop the .mcr file into the viewport, then go to Customize > Customize user interface, you'll find this script under the N00BY category

• Select some verts

• Run the script and select the target object

• Boom! Those verts are now snapped to the closest verts in the target object ;)

Version Requirement: 
Tested in max 2018 but should work in any version
n00by_snap_verts_v1.1.mcr4.04 KB