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"SpookyHide is an Object Display Control script for 3ds max 4. It will let you

  • Define sets containing multiple Triggers and Reactors.
  • Define multiple Reactions controlled by the Triggers' selection incl. Hide - Freeze - SeeThru - BoxMode and Backface Culling.
  • Manage the sets - enable/disable - rename and delete them.
  • NEW in 0.3: Select any number of objects by selecting a single one! (Selection Handler)
  • When a Trigger object is selected - all Reactors will be changed according to the defined reaction.
    This way you could for example turn on SeeThru of the Skin mesh when bones are selected or hide the rest of the body when a specific body part is selected... Reduces the trips to the Display tab/floater to Hide/Unhide scene elements.
    0.31 Update adds support for objects containing spaces and other special characters "

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