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With this script you can quick prepare model, downloaded from 3D stocks, before merge into your main scene.

Stock Model Fixer is indispensable when using models from 3ddd/3dsky, cgtrader, hotpies and other resources.



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Before usage read manual: Read Full Manual



  • Remove animation keys
  • Disable BackfaceCull property
  • Enable Renderable property
  • Resolve and Relink textures
  • Remove empty objects
  • Remove layers
  • Clean MultiMaterial
  • Unhide all objects/polys
  • Instant copy/paste selected model between 3Ds Max windows (different versions)
  • Work with TurboSmooth (Add, Remove, Select, Iters. to 0)
  • Fit model to dimensions
  • Geometry fix (Reset XForm, Detach Trick, Box Trick, Snapshot)
  • Group/Ungroup
  • Fast set pivot
  • Move model to center scene
  • Attach selected objects
  • Rename: textures, materials, objects, groups
  • Check for errors (xView, AssetTracking, Clay Mode)
  • Copy textures in to project folder
  • Automatic updater
  • Hints and tooltips
  • Multilanguage interface

How To Use:

Unzip the model you downloaded from anywhere on the hard disk.
Make sure that you have extracted all the files and textures of the model.
It is most recommended to open two 3Ds Max windows, one with your scene, the other for preparing the model.

  • Create a new scene and open the model then click theApplybutton in theFiletab in the Stock Model Fixer, so all the options from the "Apply to current scene" are applied.
  • In theToolstab it is necessary to doBoxTrick,DetachTrick,Snapshot,Reset XFormof your model, to fix the broken geometry.
  • In theTexturestab, select the Texture Path to your project(Copy Textures To Folder)and clickCopy Textures. All model textures will be transferred to a new location.
  • Copy and paste the model usingCopyTo/PasteFrom.
  • Well done!



If some feature not working (ex.: Texture Renaming), just run 3Ds Max from Administrator!

In Stock Model Fixer a lot of tools for optimizing and preparing the models, for more details read full manual!

Read Full Manual

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