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Quick tools in one place for ArchViz.

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The point of this script is to speed-up workflow on my architectural visualization scenes with these simple combinations of tools. Some parts of this script received inspiration from other scripts I stumbled upon on internet.

In this script you will find:

__Geometry and Shape__

*Pivot placement on top, bottom, center of selected objects or you can pick custom from objects surface.
*Setting smoothing groups for selected objects by 0, 30, 60 or 180 degrees.
*Welding, unifying and normalizing faces on selected objects (usually useful for imported geometry).
*Cleaning unnecessary edges on flat surfaces.
*Fixing muddy edges
*Renaming multiply objects.
*Detaching elements of object as separate objects.
*Reset xForm on objects or splines.
*Turn on or off box display on selected objects.
*Insert normal edges on ring loop and sets flow, by selecting only one edge in ring loop. Useful for terrain modeling and organic geometry.
*Quadify multiple objects.
*Shell modifier.
*FFD 2x2x2 modifier.

__Selections and Modification__

*Select all Helpers in scene.
*Select all Geometry in scene
*Selectg all Splines and shapes in the scene.
*Select all VRay Proxies in the scene. You can also set display mode for selected proxies(even if they are not instances) as box, preview from file faces, point or show whole mesh(vray3.1 and up for mesh display).
*Select all Cameras in scene. Change white balance for selected VRayPhysicalCameras and turn the target on or off.
*Select all Lights in the scene. Change color, subvids and turn on or off selected VRayLights.

__Materials and Mapping__
*UVW Box and Plane instances for selected objects. You can type dimension.
*UVW xForm.
*Random UVW xForm on elements in object.
*Convert standard NormalMaps to VrayNormalMaps.
*Remove materials on selected objects.
*Select all VRayMaterials in scene.
*Wirecolors by material or random wirecolors by objects.

*Sets all gamma to 2.2
*Create VRaySun with VRayDome as pivot. It sets VRaySky as Dome texture and automatically rigs VRaySky with created VRaySun. Useful if you need more than one sun set*up in scene. You can also set size multiplier and turbidity before creating sun system.
*Create basic architectural visualization scene layer for better organization and clean empty layers you don't use.

Script is very compact because I need everything in one place.
As I said, this is for my personal use, and it will probably get very little updates because simply, I do not have that much time..

UPDATE v1.2:
Added Displace kill button witch disables the displacement on all materials in scene.
Added more cleaning code to the button Clean. Now it cleans empty layers and other garbage including trackviewnodes (which increse your 3ds max file size).
Added camera lock and unlock buttons (totaly freezes camera)

Version Requirement: 
2014-not tested on lower version but it should work
Other Software Required: 
vray-for VRay proxies, VRayPhisicalCamera, VRayNormalBump and VRayLights
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great tool man!

You gathered so many useful things that i've been searching for, and all that in one place!

Thanks! Works perfectly!

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Very well organized tool with nice UI.


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