Super Dupper Rock Replacer 2000 Elite

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Kevin Harper

I made this very simple took at work a few days ago to replace dummy rocks that the layout artist has placed with my high rez vray proxies. It does not replace multiple objects at once by design. It is created so that I can hand place my library of Rocks quickly and with some customization.

What it does:
You assign 4 rocks that you can then pick from to replace dummies. You can select the dummy and click on "Place" from any of the 4 rocks. It will place a one of the 4 rocks there and scale it to the bounding box of the dummy object and applys a random rotation. You can then click on "redo" if you did not like the result and it will delete the high rez rock just placed or you can click on "keep" and it will delete the dummy.

While it is a very specific tool designed for a very specific task, I found it very useful and a big time saver for the project that I am working on so I thought I would share it.

Good Luck.

Kevin Harper.

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