Super Poly Bridge

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Bridge faces or holes(edge borders).

Just watch the video. :)
The "Corner", "Smooth" and "Bezier" button change the type of spline knots.
The "Points:" spinner add knots to spline.
The "< Prev." and "Next >" button select the previous/next spline knots.
"Taper Amount" and "Taper Curve" set the amount and the curve value of faces bрidge.
The "Bridge segm" spinner sets the segments of the bridge.
The "Interactive" button turn On/Off interactive mode(watch the video).

New in ver. 1.1:

- adding control points will not destroy the spline shape

- Rebuild Bridge - select face bridge, convert it to spline, made changes and create the bridge again

- Soft Selection and Relax(almost interactive) built in the UI. - idea by obliviboy.

New in ver.1.2

- can bridge holes - watch the seccond video.

New in ver.1.3

- space evenly edges in bridge along longest edge loops

New in ver.1.4
- can bridge more than 2  face:
- Rebuild Bridge is supported by Interavtive mode
- RMB+Rebuild Bridge will create straight line
- Ring Space - space evenly every ring edges of the bridge.
- Lenght Space - space evenly the bridge along its lenght.
- cw and ccw - will rotate(twist) the end faces of the bridge

Watch the video demonstration.

Installation: Drag and drop the mzp file in 3ds max. Go to Customize-Customize User Interface-"miauu" category.



Version Requirement: 
tested on max 2009 (should work in older versions too!)
Video URL: 
miauusuperpolybridge_14.mzp62.69 KB


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nnq2603's picture

Thanks for info.

Is it difficult in technical aspect so you didn't implement it or...?

I find it'd be very useful to bridge such edges 'coz regular max can bridge them but without ability to adjust curve/segments... manually connect those edges would be very uncomfortable and unaccurate, returns odd result. Anyway, thanks for answer.

miauu's picture


This script works with Polygons and edge wholes. Not works with edges as in your image.

nnq2603's picture

Doesn't work with edges selections?

Doesn't seem to work with 2 selection sets of edges.

Examples: (Regular max bridge works, yours doesn't)

miauu's picture


In 3dsMax you can't bridge faces, that belongs to two different objects.
The same is with the script. The faces must belong to one editable poly object.

Kurai's picture

Please help.

Hi Miauu,

I would like to use this script but I don't know how to use it. I have looked at the videos. In the Vid you select two poly's (two red squares) but I don't know how to select two editable squares at the same time on two opposite objects facing each other.

Can you please give instructions (when you have time) and explain it. I just want to be able to bridge vertices above doors or windows quickly.
Maybe this is the wrong tool to do this...?


luxxeon's picture

Understood. I know it's not

Understood. I know it's not part of the standard Max spline system, and probably never will be. I just thought perhaps it was possible to incorporate the math for it into the Maxscript code as an "addon" or something. I don't really know Maxscript that well yet, but I see now that if it's not part of the Max core architecture, it isn't something you can script. Thank you once again, however, for the Super Poly Bridge script. It really should become incorporated into Max as part of the standard bridging functionality at some point, because I find it incredibly useful. I've been using it in almost every project: everything from modeling high genus mathematical sculpture, to modeling a simple tea cup handle; it comes in handy! I'm constantly making people aware of it as well, so thanks again. :)

miauu's picture

The scfript uses the standart

The scfript uses the standart 3dsMax splines(curves).
When 3dsMAx introducfe the Hermite curve I will add it to the script. :)

luxxeon's picture

Hermite curve instead of bezier?

Miauu, would it be possible to do the bridging along a Hermite curve interpolation instead of, or in addition to, the bezier curve, such as the bridging that is done in Topmod? TopMod allowed to bridge 2 faces (even adjacent ones and ones with normals in the same direction) with not only 1, but several segments. These segments are arranged along a Hermite curve, nice to look at and very organic.

miauu's picture

Thank you. Glad you like it.

Thank you.
Glad you like it. :)

Nicholas87's picture

Great scrip , i really like

Great scrip , i really like this scrip ^^, thanks for sharing

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