Sweep Profile

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Alexander Kramer (Track)

Script for a quick and convenient applying of profiles to shape with a modifier Sweep.

Included to Trackscripts pack with the 37 prepared to using architectural profiles.

User can add\change custom profiles in the folder “\Scripts\TrackScrips\Section”























Sweep Profile v.0.97

  • Fixes a bug with adding a new catalog.
  • Fixes an issue with setting a size of profile.
  • Enlarged a size of thumbnails.
  • Adds ability to avto-check for updates.

 Sweep Profile v.0.95

  • Now size spinners works like as standard 3dsmax spinners.
  • Fixes a issues with the reseting the interpolation value of profile
  • Fixes a issues with incorrect evaluation of new size of profile

Sweep Profile v.0.92

  • Adds ability to set the size of the profile.
  • Adds ability to set interpolation for profile and path.
  • Adds Favorities Panel. (You can add the profile to the "Favorities" from right-click menu or by drag&drop.)
  • Adds ability to set custom path for profile files.

Sweep Profile v.0.74

  • Fixes Some issues with rendering thumbnails for new profiles

Sweep Profile v.0.70

  • Adds ability to add Custom Sections to Library
  • Adds support for Max 9SP2
  • Adds ability for Scale section 
Additional Info: 

"Sweep Profile" Included to Trackscripts pack

For solving issues with script download and install the latest version of Dotnet

from this link http://www.microsoft.com/netframework

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 9SP2 and above
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smirnoff_yurec's picture

Runtime error

Здравствуйте! у меня возникла ошибка, сразу после переназначения пути к библиотеке.


Подскажите пожалуйста как решить эту проблему. Переустановка скрипта не помогла. 

cadviz's picture

3ds Max 2013 64bit_ Problem fixed

@ Kstudio...
Thank you very much for your quick reply...
Problem is fixed now...
Best Regards

cadviz's picture

MAXScript Auto-load Script Error [3ds Max 2013] 64 bit

Thanks for sharing this script
But; When I tried to run the script a message error appeared;
please do see the attached image...

I'm trying to install on 3ds Max 2013 64 bit

maxscript_auto-load_script_error.jpg 39.97 KB
Kstudio's picture

Of course. Sweep Profile

Of course.

Sweep Profile supports to 3ds max from version 2009 to 2017.

jekson's picture


It doesn't work on max 2016?

freed_assi's picture

Sweep Profile

its good


Kstudio's picture

>> How do I uninstall

>> How do I uninstall everything that the TrackScripts installed and just install Sweep Profile, please ?

Run installation again and press the button “Uninstall”


Kstudio's picture

>could be adjust the scaling

>could be adjust the scaling parametor?
You can set a desired size.
It's more informative parameter than scale.

luckmc's picture

Very good software

You can come to my blog to see regular exchange!

My scripts: www.scriptsays.com

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