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Related Object Finder

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This script allows you to find objects that related with your selected object.
For example, by modifiers, space warps etc...
You can find objects and select by the list. This script will help you recognize object relationship and dependency easily.

How to Use:
Select One object and press button. If the object have dependency to another objects, objects name will be listed up.
By selecting the name in list, you can select object in scene.

PFTrack Object Tracking

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This little script is designed to inverse the dependencies of the object tracking export from PFTrack. Instead of a moving cam around the tracked object you will get the tracked object moving around the cam. This helps you to light and integrate tracked objects more easily into your enviroment.

Version 1.0 works only with Max2009 and older and Version 1.1 works from Max2010

contact [email protected]

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