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Time slider

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You can easily modify the frame rate in 3DMax, the start and end frames of time.

Simple and practical gadgets, hope you like


   1.3 made a small modification to make it look more reasonable, real-time update rate and the number of frames


  Copy the script to the root directory of the largest

  For example:

   C: \ Program Files Files \ Autodesk \ 3ds Max 2014 \ scripts \ startup \


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1 An increase in the variety of presentation formats, such as: EXR, TGA, JPG, TIF, PIC, PNG, AVI, etc. 

2 increase is layered like the Maya renderer. 

3 Double-click the name of the scene file can be loaded, save the file, right-click 

FumeFX Palyback offseting

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V1.1 - increased according to the position of the particle generation FumeFX PF - the June 28, 2014

FumeFX QuickSim

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D :Deafuel Sim
w :Wavelet Sim
P: Retime
preview:Make preview
FumeFX solution supports high-volume calculation and rendering, caching name solver is NameOfCurrentSceneFile \ DateTime \ NameOfSimGrid
If you encounter any problems during use, please contact me, thank you
I hope you like it


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Let FumeFX lights convenient and fast, specifically to see the video demo

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