Time Slider Control

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A macroscript tool for interactively controlling the Time Slider. Creates a tiny dialog window allowing the user to set the end and begin time of the Track Bar/ Time Slider. Stays open until you close it and gives you the ability to center the Track Bar time range around the current frame. Great for character animation or any detailed work where you find yourself moving back and forth through the time range.

Additional Info: 

unzip the macro and place it in your macroscripts folder (typically: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max XXXX\UI\MacroScripts). You'll find the macro under "DAS Tools" when you go to "Customize\Customize User Interface\Toolbars\Category: All Commands". It is called "DAS Time Bandit". Place the macro on any toolbar. If you are not familiar with loading macroscripts see the max help regarding Customizing the User Interface. The script will open a tiny window where you can interactively adjust the begin and end time displayed in the Track Bar. You can also center the Time Range about the current time with an adjustable length. Should be self explanatory once installed. Contact [email protected] with questions or feedback.

Version Requirement: 
max 2008 and up