UniMax IO

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A simple Homebrewed scripted Import/Export '.uni' format

Key word for the script 'Simple' nothing fancy.
Just geometry - a little uvw mapping with complete disregard for transforms - other than position.

Additional Info: 

The script was developed to get simple/multiple 'Editable_mesh/Editable_Poly' objects
transferred between different Max versions - without some of the problems associated with other formats I've tried - i.e. flipped faces - loss of uvw mapping - simple material references etc. Not a powerhouse of features - it handles only 'Editable_mesh/Editable_Poly' objects and references to diffuse bitmaps -building a multi-sub material - but could be extended easily - the objective was really just to get a good geometry transfer without having to repair it.

To execute place the script in a directory - Go to the Utilities Tab - Maxscript/Run - navigate and select 'uni_max_io.ms'

Version Requirement: 
7; 6; 5
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