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Andrew Averkin, Viacheslav Sutormin


UV Puppy is a set of "quick to use" buttons and different functions, mostly created for a batch work with UVs. With this script, you can easily create a second UV channel for a large number of objects to bake lighting in your favorite 3d software or game engines, such as Unity or Unreal Engine 4. You can easily unwrap a group of objects with quick flatten mapping, attach and pack objects by material just in few clicks. There are many other useful functions that could help you to speed up your work, please check the list.

UV Puppy is a free tool for 3ds Max. But if you'd like to support Utopia Syndrome game, you can donate on Gumroad:

UV Puppy Tutorials are inside the archive at Gumroad!

Have fun with this script and Cheers!

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Main Functions:
• Create UV Channels for Multiple Objects
• Pack UVs of Multiple Objects
• Multiple Unwrap
• Quick Flatten Mapping
• Attach Objects by Materials

Other Functions:
• Convert to Editable Poly
• Flip Polygon or Element
• Make Object Unique
• Weld Vertex
• Attach and Detach
• Collapse Objects Into Parts
• Explode Objects Into Parts
• Set Custom Wire Color
• Quick Export to FBX
• Quick Group, Ungroup
• Quick Rename
• Repair Names
• Get Object Name
• Counter
• Quadrify

Quick Modifiers:
• Edit Poly
• ResetXForm
• Normal
• UVW Map
• Unwrap UVW
• Smooth
• TurboSmooth

Select By:
• Instances
• Materials
• Wire Color

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2016 - 2019
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Averkin's picture


Hey guys, sorry for the delay. This and many other scripts will be a part of a new powerful Assembly Tool that I will publish in near future.

Thanks :)

7man's picture

We want more!

why you are not adding more and more tools?. peoples are loving it!
people will love it more.

Daniel11's picture

Which one it is?

Tested it works like a charm! Thank you for sharing it with us, it is really useful.

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It will be very great if you

It will be very great if you add batch flattening functions.
Now I need to flatten objects one by one!! :(

arak's picture

Simply a great everyday

Simply a great everyday helper!


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