V-Ray Studio Setup Pro

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V-Ray Studio Setup Pro is a plugin for automating studio lighting setups for use with the V-Ray rendering engine and 3ds Max.



Additional Info: 

Changes for 3.2.0 are:
- New light diffuser types
- New Pre-built scenes
- About 35% increase in stability and speed
- Improved memory usage and fixed memory leaks
- Many bug fixes
- Online Reference Guide

Changes for 3.0.0 are:
- New User interface
- Rewrite plugins in C++
- Most part of VSSP code C#
- About 50% increase in stability and speed
- Improved memory usage
- Many bug fixes

Changes for 2.0.1 are:
* New Platform, Lights, Reflectors plugins
* New Platform type - "C"
* Added parameters Round Segs. and Round Sides for Platform object
* 5 New Pre-built Scenes - Portrait Studio
* Updated Help file
* Bug fixes

IMPORTANT! Version 2.0.1 not compatible to older versions!

Changes for 2.0.0b are:
* Re-designed UI
* Added Help (*pdf) file (access from menu Help > Help...)
* Extended all Parameters Presets Managers with Notes fields
* Major bug fixes
* New licensing system

* 4 new Light Assembly types: Fluorescent ("Single Line 2", "Single Line 4", "Light Panel 10x10", "Ring")
* Added parameter "Retrace Threshold"
* Added "Filter" option with parameters
* Added option "Remember Last Position" for dialog start up position parameters

Changes for 1.1.3 are:
* New Platform plug-in
* Five new Platform types: "Simple Floor", "L", "U", "S", "Round"
* Added "Roundness" parameter
* Added button "Lock W/L Size"
* Added new List for the created Platform objects
* Added possibility to rename Platform object and layer
* Added manager "Platform Parameters Presets"
* Added "FOV" parameter
* Added "White Balance Temperature" parameter
* Fixed White Balance presets
* Added button "Freeze Camera Toggle"
* Added button "Hide camera Toggle"
* Added manager "Camera Parameters Presets"
* Improved Light plug-in
* Added "Light XYZ position" parameters
* Added "Light Target XY position" parameters
* Added manager "Lights Parameters Presets"
* Improved Reflector plug-in
* New reflector types: "Rectangular", "Disc", "Convex", "Concave"
* New Material/Map interfeice
* Added manager "Reflector Parameters Presets"

Changes for 1.1.2 are:
- Added 'Show Last VFB' button
- Added 'Show Safe Frames' button

Changes for 1.1.1 are:
- AA Filter is ON by default
- Added 'Lock Aspect Ratio' button
- Changed Light maps location
- Fixed Light Assembly 'Size lock' button state when light is selected

Changes for 1.1.0 are:
- Some corrections in rendering presets
- New platform type 'Simple Floor'
- Now the Camera create on a new layer
- Added buttons 'Select Camera Target' and 'Delete Camera & Layer'
- Fixed 'Specify Focus' and 'Vignetting' control state
- Fixed 'White Balance' preset selector (showing color immediately)
- New Softboxes (HDRI mapped lights)
- Added Lights Directional parameter
- Changed Reflector Assemblies plugin
- Added Custom Reflector option
- Added Reflector Map tiling parameters
- 5 new Small scale Pre-built Scenes
- 5 new Medium scale Pre-built Scenes
- Compatible with V-Ray 2.0

Changes for 1.0.0 are:
- Fixed many small bugs

Changes for v1RC are:
- New studio lighting and camera setups scenes
- Optimised memory usage
- Completely rewritten code
- Added "Pre-built Scenes" section with 10 scenes

Changes for v1.0.5b are:
- New object generated by a script "Base Walls"
- New Softboxes generated by a scripted plugins
- Added "Reflectors Assemblies" section (object generated by a scripted plugins)
- Removed section "Preset Scenes" (The section will appear in final 1.0 version)
- Changed licensing and an installation order

Version Requirement: 
3ds max 2013 - 2015 | 64 bit
Other Software Required: 
V-Ray 2.40.04 and above | 64 bit.


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In the future version will be more Pre-build scene presets: medium, large scale, car rendering, etc... New version now on development (and for mental ray :) ).

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Pre-Build Scenes

Thank you very much! May be in next build you make more functionality. I really like your combination of parameters in Pre-Build Scenes, but if i have big object, greater than we have in presets, then i am disharmonize all light sources. I'd love to have a directly proportional change in all dimensions of the scene. Common uniform scale for lights, cameras and platform.

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All sizes and parameters of objects you can change on an appropriate tab.

PaulFX's picture

How change size Pre-build Scenes?

I want visualisation my furniture 3 meters at height, but i am do not want change proportion and position of lights. Please, tell me, how properly change size Pre-build Scenes?

fajar's picture

so bad that its only support

so bad that its only support max 2010 and up , not compatible with max 2010 down to max 9.

15051975's picture

the same problem

MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception: -- Runtime error: dotNet runtime exception: Unable to cast object of type 'System.Windows.Forms.ColumnHeaderStyle ' to type 'System.Net.NetworkInformation.PhysicalAddress

V-ray material presets works fine.

fadiljaper's picture

hay I have a problem with

I have a problem with this plugin vray studio setup pro

>> MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception: -- Runtime error: dotNet runtime exception: Unable to cast object of type 'System.Windows.Forms.ColumnHeaderStyle' to type 'System.Net.NetworkInformation.PhysicalAddress'. <<

Help Me Please!


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Added new video - Studio

Added new video - Studio Lighting Assemblies VSSP v1.0.5b

Siger's picture

In following upgrade a lights

In following upgrade a lights of all types completely it is generated by a script: Softboxes Rectangular, Octagonal, Circle, Stripes, Window, etc...

fajar's picture

in preset studio free, I

in preset studio free, I tried it. it created vray light and other via script, could you do that again?

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