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Vase -Scripted plugin for 3ds Max.

Create a wide variety of different vases, pots, etc...

Creates a cylinder, which can be deformed in 3 different ways...

Along Z axis:
Enlarges the cylinder, the radius of the top of the cylinder will be the radius+amount.
Scales up/down along the height of the object, creating a wave like profile to the shape.
Amount changes how often this happens, height changes much it affects the radius.
X and Y axis
Similar to the Wavy option, but distorts the "base" of the shape, allowing you to change the cylinder to a rounded square, triangle..etc.
Amount changes how many points there are on the base, height Changes how much it affects the object.

Additional Info: 

Plugin will appear in the "Cheese3000 primitives" section.
Mapping is basic cylindrical mapping.

vase1.2.ms5.06 KB


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No problem :) I'm glad that

No problem :)
I'm glad that you have uploaded!

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Thank you :)
I have been meaning to update this(and other) script(s), which has now been done.
The "wavy" option has been corrected, the amount now is how many indents there are. It now also works with any amount of sides, previously it wouldnt always work(due to the position not being a float, the end & start wouldnt always meet-up).

It has been updated to use your modifications, along with a few other changes.

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very good script

very good script +1
But perhaps it would be better if they were simpler is the default.
for example:

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good nice

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Hat plugin! :)


If I continue to develop this script(which I probably will), I will post it on its own page, so keep watching :)

ATM It only create top hat like objects, with these params:

Radius 1(top of main)
Radius 2(bottom of main)
Radius 3(edge of brim)
Height 1(top of main)
Height 2(bottom of main)
Height 3(edge of brim)
Height segs(of main)
Brim segs(of brim)
Sides(of all)

hat1.jpg 72.7 KB 5.67 KB
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Can you make a hat maker?

Making hats wouldn't be so much different. Can you make a hat maker please???

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Thanks, and updated(again)

Thank you, I can see what you mean by using it with modifiers, I hadnt thought of doing that, you can get quite nice results :)

I have also updated it again, the file I have(possibly different to the uploaded one) only had the updated base method only when used with "Straight", so it has been added to "Wavy".
A similiar thing has been done to the edge, so the height_segs no longer have such a big effect.
I have also added very simple cylindrical uvw mapping, it is very similiar to the default uvw map modifier.

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Hi Cheese,
i play a little with your new "plugObj" and must tell you
you did a good job again. In combination with few modifiers you can
produce really interesting forms. Test file (max2010+).

flover_forms.rar 18.43 KB


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Smoothing added, the main part of the vase is group 1, the bottom circle is group 2

The way the base is created has changed, now the number of sides has no effect on it, and the amount is how many times it goes in/out(it has been changed to a integer)

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