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This is the version 0.3b of the Virtual Global Illumination (VGI) script, and allows to simulate the Global Illumination outside.
Simply, a light sphere is created about to an object selected to simulate the bounce of the ray in the object.
VGI is very useful to preview some short animations in "Virtual GI" using not only the render Scanline but Mental Ray engine with very short times for the rendering! Optimum to illuminate integer scenes outdoor with a hot and suffused light.

Interface VGI_v.03b

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Copy and Paste the folder "Vgi_0.3" inside in the "ui" folder in directory xxx:\\Autodesk\3ds Max 2010\ui

Installation: Normal procedure installation for MacroScript.

In 3dsMax, run macroscript "Virtual_GIv03_B".
Go to "Custumize" > "Custumize User Interface.." > "Menu"
Under "Category", find "Michele71_Tools".
Create new menu in list "Menus" and Drag and Drop the new menu in the "Main Menu Bar".
Drag and drop "Virtual_GI_v03b" in new menu.
That's all!

Use VGI 0.3:

1) In rollout "Setting Sky Lights" select your object and in group "Preview Sphere" create preview sphere lights.
The N_Vertex lights, they are the segments of the sphere. Lights are positioned above the vertex of the sphere

2) In group "Create Sky Lights" press "Create Lights Sky" for to position the lights above the every vertex.
You can delete all lights in the scene with "Delete ALL Lights Scene"
Press "Refresh List SL" for update Lights Lister. DoubleClick on name light in the list for open "Quick Setting SkyLights".
You can see the result press the button "Render Preview..." in Render Preview rollout

3) For create "Virtual Sun", press button "Select All Obj scene" for selected all object in the scene
Press "Create Orbital Sun" for create virtual Orbital and adjust scale, angle, hours of the sun

4) Press "Open Setting Virtual Sun" for setting parameters of the virtual sun

--- ATTENTION!: When closed VGI and reopen it, Refresh List Lights to continue the work...

New in Release version 0.3b:

-- revision code (work in progress)
-- revision the Interface Virtual GI
-- add button "Select More Obj" and "Select All Obj" for the Sky Lights
-- add choose and clone mode light (Direct, Spot, MRSpot & Copy, Instance, Reference)
-- Button time in preview render rollout

PS: If you find errors, mistakes, etc.. Create a comment for future fixes.
Are welcome useful tips to improve the script!
Thanks from Michele71

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3dsmax 9/2008/2009/2010
Other Software Required: 
Virtual_GI_version_03.b.rar73.27 KB


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Michele71's picture

Thank you Waxmodeler for

Thank you Waxmodeler for complient and have used the script max8 ... It works! :)

Waxmodeler's picture

This Script works great in

This Script works great in max version 8. Thanks a bunch!

Michele71's picture

Sorry for the double post,

Sorry for the double post, but I have Fix the error in the script.
Now all work fine!

Michele71's picture

Wow! Thanks for your comment

Wow! Thanks for your comment Deke.

However, after many tests, I noticed that there is a mistake that you can easily correct.
Open the script and fix line 751 in so_ instead _so!! Sorry but err is human...

Reference rollout:(spinner so_ "Scale Orbital % = " pos:[100,520] width:60 height:16 range:[0,1e+009,1] scale:0.001 enabled:false)

Correction line 751:
on so_ changed val do
c.Scale= [val,val,val]

It work! Thanks for your patience.

deke's picture

your virtual gi works really

your virtual gi works really well, thanks for the nice script......

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