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Thuyet Nguyen

This is my own script, it help lighting with vray ies more easy and faster.

Key features:

- Quick assigned 30 nice IES to vray light.
- IES folder browser and quickly assign to vray light.
- Change VrayIES and Vraylight settings as a group or individually.
- Fast create VrayIES light use geometry shape.
- Create VrayPhysical Camera from Perpective view.

Hope you guys enjoy, I'm still using it and it help me alot!

Install: Extract & copy all file to Script folder. Run script VrayIES_Presets.ms or just drag and drop it to max viewport.
Customize\Customize User Interface\Soda4xu Scripts and drag VrayIES Presets to where you wants. Run it!

Best compatible with 3dsmax 2010 & upper.

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vrayies_presets.rar57.02 KB


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Thanks Thuyet Nguyen, its

Thanks Thuyet Nguyen, its realy easy and faster!

my IES Lighting Tutorial for Vray and 3D Max

Architectural Drawings and Projects

Custom's picture

(one more) 3d Max 2014 using vray 3.0

same issue... does not run/appear...

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Great and convenient script!

change the names of the lights

from "1.ies" ... until "9.ies"


"01.ies" ... "09.ies"

The list is in order.

Modified the scripts and it works.


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Seems great but ...

.. each time I click on the little arrow button (open the Chose VRayIES Presets floater), I get the error message :"Runtime error, Can't load button images: bitmap: "IES1.jpg"" .. any idea, please ?

Thanks !


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for 3dmax 2014


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3d Max 2014 using vray 3.0

Does it work for the latest ones? I tried cracking it within 3d max 2014 and vray 3.0 but still its not workin'... Any help?

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Very nice script, thanks, works very well and I find it very useful

Only I miss can select ies of scene in the script's panel, like a light lister, and when you create vray ies from vertices, it would be good can choose instance or copy (now are copies, I think is better instances)
Keep up the good work guy :D

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Hope you guys like this!

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