nXtRender - new, low-cost renderer for SketchUp

nXtRender is a new rendering application for Google
SketchUp from Render Plus Systems. nXtRender uses the new AccuRender
nXt rendering engine and integrates it seamlessly into SketchUp making
it one of the easiest ways to create photorealistic images. nXtRender
uses ray-trace rendering techniques, reflections, transparency,
highlights, shadows and lighting effects to produce realistic
renderings. The final image produced by nXtRender is unmatched by other
rendering packages.

"nXtRender is an ideal, low-cost rendering
solution for SketchUp", said Al Hart, President of Render Plus. "Using
the new nXt Engine from McNeel and Associates, nXtRender takes the
hassle out of making great renderings quickly and at an affordable

nXtRender brings together three important features that
users need in a rendering package: quality - uses ray-trace techniques
to produce high quality images, ease of use - the simple and intuitive
user interface allows the user to easily achieve the desired look and
low cost - so everyone can afford to create high quality rendered

According to Solo, one of the newest users, “nXtRender is
a very easy solution with some fantastic bells and whistles included,
and is capable of amazing results.”’

nXtRender takes a SketchUp
model and turns it into a photorealistic image quickly and painlessly.
With little change in the workflow, the user can design, and
conceptualize the model, apply textures and materials in the usual way,
and then, with nXtRender, easily define reflection and lighting
intensity by adjusting the values of any material to meet the design
aesthetics. nXtRender, it is a perfect solution for SketchUp users
desiring photorealistic renderings at an economical price. Visit www.renderplus.com
for more information and to download the free trial software.

About Render Plus Systems

Plus Systems develops add-on applications for Google. The company has
been in business for over 20 years and is continually improving and
introducing new applications.