Advice for Animated Poly Objects duplicated, combined, and skinned to their clones

I am trying to make a scene of a kaiju walking through a city and knocking into buildings and other structures as it travels. It's for a real-time VR scene in Unreal Engine 4 which unfortunately only supports importing skinned meshes for animation. The fracturing and destruction is precalculated in 3ds max and played as an animation in UE4. My process for fracturing is basically the same as this tutorial on youtube:

So in the end I have a bunch of individual objects that animate which I need to make all one skinned mesh that are skinned to the original fractured pieces. Each building that the Kaiju runs into can fracture into 10 to 40 pieces, so it would be very laborious to skin everything by hand. I've looked for a script that would do this, but I haven't been able to find one. Does anyone know of a script that will do this or is there a technique for doing this manually that I'm not aware of?  If not does anyone have any advice on rolling my own?