biped action library

3dmax animation management system, support biped system animation fast storage read! Provide convenience for the majority of animators and accelerate the efficiency of animation production.

The program supports rendering gif animations for scenes for easy preview! The program is divided into two modules, one for exporting animations and one for loading animations.

The action library is suitable for the company to use, put the database on the server, and everyone can share it!Additional feature description: Match the bip file bone --------" to scale the scene file cs to the same bone structure as the bip file Update preview ---------" When you render the image does not meet your needs, you can click this update to preview a picture. Preview -------------- will set up a set of cs bones in the scene, and then update the animation in real time! Quick and easy to view bip animation loading effect Win10 prompts can not find the database driver ----------------" Please go to Microsoft official download access driver, please refer to 3925871.html Loading the animation system requires registration before it can be used. Registration requires copying the registration code on the panel to the activation system of my website to generate the registration code! The plugin was written by myself for a few days, not online! It’s not too much to charge a few bucks!

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