custattributes+ floater rollout


i am involved in rigging i am working on building ui and what i am trying to do is:

adding custattributes on an object which includes a button what i want is when pressing this button a floater will emerge i did it but couldnt have tracks for spinners and buttons in the floter herer what i wrote

ca=attributes tota
parameter param rollout:cons
(pressbut type:#floater ui:btn)

rollout cons "total collection"
(button btn "...."
on btn pressed do
(rollout ntnt "tete"
spinner ........
slider ............
button .....)
new=newrolloutfloater ....
addrolloutfloater ........ )


custattributes.add $.modifiers[1] ca

i tried to add parameters block in many oppos but invain always error messages

i hope you could get what i mean, i am in dire need for help!