Deadline render elements and tiles

Hi All, I'm just working on a auto render script for my company. I've got the GI and LC working and the file path working fine. I'm now trying to submit it to deadline. I'm trying to get it to recognize the elements and possibly tile render it all. Does anyone have any easy way of doing this? This is what I have to start with:

		global SMTDSettings
		global SMTDFunctions
		local theNetworkRoot = @"\\WORKSTATION23\DeadlineRepository"
		local remoteScript = @"H:\03_CENTRAL_SOFTWARE\01_3DSMAX\00_STUDIO_SCRIPTS\02_SCRIPTS\AssetLibraryTools\"  
		fileIn remoteScript
		JobSubmitName = filepath.text + "_SCE_[" +obj_dd.text + "]_RENDER"
		SMTDSettings.JobName = JobSubmitName
		SMTDSettings.SubmitAsSuspended = true
		SMTDSettings.Priority = 50
		--SMTDSettings.RemovePadding = true
		SMTDSettings.TilesRendering = true
		SMTDSettings.TilesInX = 1
		SMTDSettings.TilesInY = 1
		local maxFileToSubmit = SMTDPaths.tempdir + maxFileName
		SMTDFunctions.SaveMaxFileCopy maxFileToSubmit
		local SubmitInfoFile = SMTDPaths.tempdir + "\\max_submit_info.job"
		local JobInfoFile = SMTDPaths.tempdir  + "\\max_job_info.job"
		SMTDFunctions.CreateSubmitInfoFile SubmitInfoFile 
		SMTDFunctions.CreateJobInfoFile JobInfoFile  
		local initialArgs="\""+SubmitInfoFile+"\" \""+JobInfoFile+"\" \""+maxFileToSubmit+"\" " 
		SMTDFunctions.waitForCommandToComplete initialArgs SMTDSettings.TimeoutSubmission