dotnet focus

How come when i click in the text field and begin typing nothing appears. It seems to be that dotnet bugs out when a control is inside another control which is what i have. I have a dotnet label inside a dotnet tab/.....?

try(destroyDialog ::nameTagToolRO)catch()
rollout nameTagToolRO "NameTag Tool"
	local tabStyle = dotNetClass "System.Windows.Forms.TabAppearance"
	dotNetControl uiTabs "TabControl" pos:[0,0]
	fn SetLifeTimeControl ctrl = dotNet.setLifeTimeControl ctrl #dotNet
	fn ResizeUI =
		w = nameTagToolRO.width
		h = nameTagToolRO.height
		uiTabs.width = w
		uiTabs.height = h
	fn InitTextbox pos:[0,0] width:0 =
		c = dotNetObject "Textbox"
		c.Location = (dotNetObject "System.Drawing.Point" pos[1] pos[2])
		c.Tag = "resize"
		c.AcceptsTab = True
	fn InitTabs ctrl:unsupplied =
		if ctrl != unsupplied do
			ctrl.sizeMode = ctrl.sizeMode.fixed	
			ctrl.itemSize = dotnetObject "System.Drawing.Size" 75 25
			ctrl.TabPages.add "Nodes"
			ctrl.TabPages.add "Materials"	
			ctrl.Appearance = tabStyle.buttons
			uiName = InitTextbox pos:[70,37] width:0
			ctrl.TabPages.Item[0].controls.add uiName
	on nameTagToolRO open do
		InitTabs ctrl:uiTabs
createDialog nameTagToolRO width:400 height:600 style:#(#style_SysMenu, #style_titlebar, #style_minimizebox, #style_resizing)