Execute menu entry


I have a problem. I want to start a menu entry from script without the output from the Macro Recorder. I have to do this because the Macro Listener gives me a error message when I execute the output of the Macro Recorder.

Output from MC: Global_Menu.Global_Interface.X X With X ()

X stands for words of the menu entry name. like: Play Ball With foot ()

The following message occcurs

-- Unknown property: "x" in
-- Syntax error: at Settings, expected "animate", "undo", "redraw", "pivot" or "printAllElements"
-- In line: Global_Menu.Global_Interface.X X With X()

The Problem is the reserved word "with" and maybe the space characters.

So I decided to start the menu entry per search. I found the menu entry but I couldn't find something in the help to start it.

Does anyone know how to solve that problem?

Thanks for your help