Getting access to a utility plugin

Hi! I'd like to get access to CryExport plugin (it's a utility plugin for exporting geometry to CryEngine). It's represented by CryENGINE3_Exporter class. I can get a list of it's properties by getPropNames CryENGINE3_Exporter. For example, I say:

for p in (getPropNames CryENGINE3_Exporter) do print p

and it gives the properties list

... etc

but if I type something like:


It says: Unknown property: "nodes" in CryENGINE3_Exporter

Am I doing something wrong? Or maybe this plugin just doesn't have any maxscript exposure?

P.S. I tried hard to find any documentation on using maxscript with CryExported but couldn't find any.

UPD: Already solved it: showInterfaces csexport