Help :)

good night!

Guys I need some help.
I try to make a script how change the prefics of the Path in the Asset Traker.
We have a new server and need just to change automaticly th name of the server. The rest of the Path is the same.

for i = 1 to AssetManager.GetNumAssets() do
local AUIO = AssetManager.GetAssetByIndex i--get the AssetUser IObject
local AID = AUIO.GetAssetId()--get the Asset's ID
local AType = AUIO.getType()--get the Asset's Type
local AFile = AUIO.getfilename()--get the Asset's File Name
local AFileP = AUIO.GetFullFilePath() --get the Asset's File Name
	oldPath = AFile --as String 
	oldPath = substring oldPath 10 900
	newPath= "\\K01" + oldPath
bmt = bitmaptexture filename: newPath
--> Bitmaptexture:Bitmap
AUIO = bmt.filename as AssetUser --get the file name as AssetUser IObject

I cannot finde some set- or add- Methods for the AssetManager.

Can somebody help me ? :)
Thank you :)