How to do file max/texture drag drop from dotNet ListView ?

ive been strugling to make my list view can do drag drop from list view to max window, i learn from lone robot , its the best answer, but it couldnt work in list view ? could some one nicely help me here ?

on dNet_Files DragDrop sender arg do
	if (sender.clientrectangle.contains arg.x arg.y) then (	)
					filenameString = "D:\\Detail Furniture.max" --maxfilearray[1]
					dropfile = dotnetobject "System.String[]" 1
					dropfile.setvalue filenameString 0			
					DataObj = dotnetobject "DataObject" ((dotnetclass "DataFormats").filedrop) dropfile
					sender.dodragdrop Dataobj ((dotnetclass "DragDropEffects").Copy)
					print dropfile
Thanks first for your help.