MaxText to multiple strings

Hello :)

I'm relatively new to MaxScripting and I was wondering if someone could help me.
Is there a way to convert MaxText to multiple strings in editor? In my case, I would like to connect every row from MaxText to keyframes in array and name should be printed in editbox (just to check). The script is attached to this post so you can see my current state. I connected slider to keyframe time slider and I want to every keyframe has a "name" - in script I created a complicated way of this solution by adding single string for each name. I want script to select by hit MaxText node from maxscene (or select by name), print it in edittext box under the button and collect it to convert every row to a specific string with removed first three symbols ("03" and "space" in, for example, "03 three-pose") --I want to remove those first three because that name will be in automated render save file image later in script.

I would be very grateful if someone could help me handle this.
Thanks in advance, the script is in the attachment.

scriptproblem_text_01.ms1.78 KB