Particle Flow motion blur settings

I am having issues with setting some motion blur properties for my particle flow system. I am able to change the object properties for the PF_source but it appears there are 2 types of object properties. The one I can change is accessed from the view port by right clicking on the pf_source and going to object properties. The one that I want to change is accessed by pressing 6 and going to the particle view area. There you can right click on top of the main node and go to properties and change the motion blur that will affect the particles.

to access the first one I am talking about I use this:
firesystem = PF_Source()
//all the other properties are here to set up the pf source

firesystem.imagemotionblurmultiplier = .7
firesystem.motionblur = #image

if anyone knows what I am talking about and knows how I can get access to the other properties motion blur please let me know what I am doing wrong. Thanks