Rigging a 100-page book, I need your help

Hey guys, I need help on rigging a book. I already wired one page rotation on a dummy. And added a float spinner parameter(0 to 100) to the dummy object. I just want to add an expression so that the page will start rotating when i slide the spinner to reach the value 20. So if I do that, then i can let the parameter control a 100 pages. For example: page1(0-20), page2(20-40), page3(40-60),....and so on.
So the pages will rotate on turns right. The dummy holds the attributes(i added an 'attribute holder' modifier). And 1 roll parameter. That means when i finish a 100-page book i just roll the parameter and the pages turn, you know?.

Or maybe you guys have another idea how to rig a book. But i just need an expression.



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Thanks naek for the nice

Thanks naek for the nice compliments.

I didnt mean to take all the fun away, sorry for that. I Intended only modify my existing flipper script to look like book pages. But I found myself adding bend modifiers and making a preview tool. :)

you can try a different approach if you want. I wrote the script quickly, so i didnt have time to put explanation comments. If I have time I will try to add explanations of lines for easier understanding and update.

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DUDE!!!!!!, you are so

DUDE!!!!!!, you are so awesome!
Wow! I am amazed. I so want to learn scripting, but don't know how to start. Your works inspires me man.
The only thing that bothers me is that i wanted to do it myself. I'll find a way to do it myself with the help of the script codes from the 'book rigger'. I don't know how to script. I'll just work with the expressions, wiring stuff

Thanks a million man, you are so cool and you look cool to!
You still amaze me man.

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well, the paper also have a

well, the paper also have a bend modifier which is also wired to the attribute. so it's almost going to look little realistic. So i checked out the link masquerade gave me and it's a little difficult for me to compare. So i'll show you an image of the situation...
How do you let it rotate when the 'turn' value reaches let's say 20. Some kinda range code, start-end,

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I started it modifying, but it end up as almost as a new script :)

This script basicly, makes all animations of the pages. then it adds an ease curve to each keyed value and binds it to the same controller. You can examine the connections after running the script.

Hope you can make use of it.

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Hey this sounds like fun. I

Hey this sounds like fun. I take it the pages are ridged and have no gentle curving and lag to them as they turn, like real paper? That would be neat too, don't you think?

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take a look at this. It may

take a look at this. It may be a starting point.

It controls planes using loop animations and ease curve. Guess it could be adapted to your case 


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