Select Mesh vertices within boundary of spline.

Is is possible for someone to make a script that selects all mesh vertices that are inside the boundary of a spline, when we are working on top view, (meaning only x,y not Z coordinates). This might be useful in other views also I guess.

The workflow might be something like:

1. Go to prefered view.
2. Select Mesh
3. Select Spline
4. Run (and corresponding vertices wound be selected)

In a more complex version same thing could happen with faces and polygons.

Could't find something similar...
Thank you !

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Thank you all ! I 've been

Thank you all !
I 've been away and couldn't reply earlier.
For the time being I will use the Vol select method. I missed that !
It seems to work just fine !

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Ok, my method was more complicated. There is no need to write it.

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Of course...

this method (@lga) will give you some benefits.
I can make it next weekend (1st oct). The hard part is to determine wich verts are inside the bound, there is a method "getFacesUsingVert" to be used for face's selection. If there is no one who has the solution, I have the idea, so stay tuned with this topic!

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my method works

...but hey I can't force it down your throat...

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I forgot this modifier. Does it work in a random direction for example along the normal of the 2D splineshape (that is randomly rotated)? Does it work correct for a more complicated shape (like the first image of lga)?

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odd shape spline...

random rotation...and there's no need to have the extrude thicker than the object...if the extrude is simply selects according to whatever falls within the smaller volume..

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Well I know just the basics,

Well I know just the basics, I don't think I could write it.
I actually have been using the lasso tool, but I need very accurate and repeated selections having as guides polylines from autocad, so lasso is not the best solution but the only one available to me now.

If you could look into the matter, if you have some spare time, it would be great. I bet many people would find it useful too.

Thanks !

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different school of thoughts...

why don't you extrude the spline to 'thicker' than the object of the verts...then vol. select using the extruded spline mesh...?

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Are you familar with Maxscript?

I can give you some hints, otherwise I can make it, when have more free time.
Also why not using 3ds Max lasso selection tool?

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