stop staring toolset for max ?

hey there
i came across this video on youtube
and was wondering if someone can make tool like that
its really sweet


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Hey floating world. I'm

Hey floating world. I'm definitely interested in this script. I'll jump on board and help out in anyway possible. I saw that you mentioned you have posted a script that does some of the features already.....where can i find this?


John Martini
Digital Artist (new site)

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Hey floatingworld! I saw your

Hey floatingworld! I saw your scripts and they look promising. I'm not far enough along on my face setup to make use of them yet but the split and copy morph scripts look nice. Are these based of the first or second edition of Stop Staring? Because the second edition looks like it supports a weight painting system for what Osipa calls "tapering" the morph effects, so you can paint areas of influence and effectively isolate blend effects. Maybe using an edit poly or edit mesh modifier with your script would achieve the same effect? Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes once I get them going.

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Hi, thnx for comments. I have

thnx for comments. I have just posted a new script that replicates the functionality of the tool in the video from stop staring second edition. It's quite fun to play around with...just set up some morph targets and play around....
it allows for the weighting of all morphs used as shown. I don't claim that the script does everything Ospia does in his, but the main features are there.
yes, one could apply a vol select on top of a morph to taper its effect I guess...but we must crawl before we can run n'est pa?

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I second that request. I

I second that request. I think I have the mel script for this that came with the book if someone could use it to make a max version with. This would make some really amazing stuff possible. I hate that all the cool animation tools are always for maya >:O

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I wrote a max script about

I wrote a max script about two years ago that creates the Osipa UI. It can be found under facial animation rig 1.4 on this site. However, the morphs used are rough and proof-of-concept only. they are crap, in fact. However the script works in a production environment as you would expect. The code is based around the connectmorphs script,which utilizes reaction manager setups(which I also wrote and can be found on this site) which creates the spline controls for the inverse set of morph targets as described by Osipa in his book. If you try my script remember to rename the PEN attribute holder as if you don't max won't see it in the script. Also, please run the eyerig script first to make the objects needed for the main facial Ui script. Good luck and let me know how everything goes. read the comments in the main body of script to make sure you follow naming convention etc.

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