Web page in dotNet

Hi all men :) I do insert a web pag into my script. In the ScriptHelp, I have found this (it's ok!) in dotNet:


rollout webbrowser_rollout "Web Test" width:600 height:600


 edittext edt_url "URL:" text:"http://www.scriptspot.com"

 dotNetControl wb "System.Windows.forms.WebBrowser" pos:[10,22] width:580 height:570

 fn openURL urlString = (

  wb.url = dotNetObject "System.Uri" urlString )

 on edt_url entered txt do openURL txt

 on webbrowser_rollout open do openURL edt_url.text


createdialog webbrowser_rollout



Now, when I type the password, nickname ecc. in the Web pag, I can not write (is used the system shortcut of Max!)


I dont know dotNet and this is a BIG limitation to me...

Can someone help me? (an example is very appreciated)


Thank all