Scriptwriter needed

The website of interior design 3D modeling is searching for developer for scriptwriting.
The task’s description is attached below. If you are interested, please send us a private message. We will gladly discuss the terms.

The script needs to design the archive of the project with the previously established parameters, so they can be easily changed.

The work should be done in 3ds Max 2012. Afterwards, you need to do routine job regarding formatting according to the scene’s archive requirements.

Initial data:

-3ds Max 2012;
-XRef Objects with the Proxy Object option are used in the scenes;
-geometry for XRef Objects and low poly copy for Proxy Object are contained in -the same one file;
-the paths in the scene are relative or UNC.

The Developer is required to fulfill the following tasks:
-collect all the resources of the scene, check for the absent ones;
-create the archive of the scene with pre-determined folder structure (possibility for users to establish their own structure);
-locate the collected resources into preset folders (the resources should be classified by the file type, the classification conditions are established by user);
-check the names of the resources that coincide/re-name/change the paths (the re-name conditions are established by user);
-check the max-file’s version for XRef Objects; save it in 2010 version;
-copy the material applied to XRef Objects to its original file;
-replace all the scene’s paths with newly created resources (the paths are relative);
-save the file’s copy in 3ds Max 2010 version;
-automatize the creation of the text file that contains the description of the max-file; fill out the form;
-check the scene’s complete set according to parameters established.

The ability to work in 3ds Max 2010-2013 versions is highly appreciated.