can someone compile a plugin for 64bit

Hi guys

I have a plugin which i need to have to work inside maya64 bit. Note that this is a mental ray shader, so it also works under 3dsmax. My collegue works with this plugin inside 3Dsmax 32bit. So if you could compile it for Max, than it should also work under maya.
Could you guys help me out because i dont know how to compile these things and dont have the software to do it. I would be very gratefull if you would!

The plugin is a lens shader for mental ray to render out fisheye images.

You can download the old compiled .dll file here :

The source package is here :

his website about this plugin is here :

The plugin is free of use and the only thing the guy who made it wants in return, is the newly compiled version to put on his website, because he doesnt have the resources to compile it himself.
He will thank you on his website probably

I hope you want to help me out. I really am in need for this plugin inside maya64


Mathijs Brussaard
The netherlands