Dropdown menu to change assigned bitmap


The workflow of manage a Studio Light in 3ds max + Vray is quite time consuming. The process consist of creating a V-Ray Planar Light and assign to it a VrayHDRI map and assign tot he VrayHDRI map an HDR image.
Once done that I have to change VrayLight dimension in proportion with the image.

The time consuming process is that I really don't know witch hdr image I want to load, I have to make a lot of test before find what I really need, so each time I have to reload a different hdr image... and there are many of them... in this is done for multiple VrayLights, not just one.

I'd like a sort of dropdown menu where (after pre-loaded the hdr image) I just choose one of them and automatically the hdr image is loaded into the VrayLights, so, thanks to the RT I can instantly see the result.

The best of the best could be also that once loaded the vraylight dimension change proportionally with the hdr image :)

In Soulburn script there's something similar, "ImagePlaneMaker" which once loaded the image the plane is proportional to that.

I thank you for any kind of help.