multiple viewport render

i have not found anything like this, but, it would be kind of cool to be able to render all the viewports at one time. the logic behind this is the ability to render the perspective, top ,side and front view to show work completed on single objects in a quick fashion. this is especially helpful since it means that step to photoshop can be skipped entirely and the pic can be sent almost immediately. this would be a great workflow tool.


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Here's the updated

Here's the updated version

Hope it saves you and others a lot of time and you enjoy using it.

I tend to use tons of Actions i've pre-recorded in PhotoShop to speed up my workflow when it comes to putting images together on sheets. I'm sure you do likewise. If however you don't, then i seriously suggest you take a look at using them.

Combining those with this tool should have you flying!

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Great. Cool model - I'm

Great. Cool model - I'm working on some gaming characters at the moment myself.

I'm going to update it a bit.
I realised the layout isn't the traditional first or third angle projection. So i'll include those as a choice.

If you look through the script it's pretty basic stuff (most of my scripts are), creating instances of the initial object and positioning and rotating them as need be for the layout.

That's why the perspective one is a little squashed. It has no perspective as it's only the object rotated to face the orthographic top view, so it ends up much like a "user" view, or axonometric.

I'll supply this angle of rotation with an interface and preview so the user can tweak it before rendering.

Not sure as to why it hangs. Though 300dpi at A4 is rather a large render - 150dpi should do the trick.

They'll be a HOLD and FETCH built into the script that'll mean you should be able to render a single object out from a busy scene without having to setup before hand - will work a bit like ISOLATE.

- So an update to follow soon.

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here is a view of the

here is a view of the render

dont worry about the blur i think my settings are to blame for that since i forgot to shut it off.

helmet_mutirender.jpg 107.69 KB
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that worked! it does however

that worked! it does however seem to want to hang in memory on higher settings, like for instance, if i render it at 300 on A4 paper, it hangs in memory and wont let go of the data, so max locks up and i have to shut it down with task manager. also the object is squashed a bit in the render, not too bad, but it is a little bit noticeable. i wonder if i can post a screen? i will get back with the render.

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Try this out - hopefully

Try this out - hopefully does the trick

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Interesting - not seen

Interesting - not seen anything like it either.

As a work around though, since they are single objects, you could use rotated instances of the original object and then render from one viewport to get the look you want.

Were i to write a script, i would approach it in the this fashion. Atomated instance creation of the original object, rotating each instance by x degrees, postioning n amount from the original in y axis, then rendering from the top viewport.

Might tinker with something along these lines and get back to you on it.

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