Super Formula

hi, yesterday i came across a great thing, the super formula, it is a mathematical formula which can express infinite shapes. it was discovered by johan gielis 12 years ago.

I am gathering a database for all relevant information here:

The superscript has been converted into a Particle Flow Box3 Preset. But it is only in 2-dimensions. Also a script to make a mesh is not available. I know there is a mathsurf plugin, but i dont think the parameters are all possible within it. The formula itself is not that complicated, and converting it into 3Dimensions doesnt seem to be rockt science either.



I am planning my final bachelor project next summer to make a 3d animation about this formula, and all its implications.

If anyone can help me here develop further tools to integrate it into the 3dsmax Environment that would be great. Im sure this is not just for me interesting. i walk around outside and see all the shapes of nature produced with this formula :)

So if anyone has interest, and can help research and development, let me know. Anything from maxscript, sdk programming or particle flow integration would be tremendous help.

let me know here or [email protected]

greetings from germany