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Arrow spline primitive, useful as a control object in rigging. Works only in 3ds max 2016 SP2 and higher.

Arrow Helper

4 votes

Helper object with the same features as the spline Arrow primitive.

Arrow Manipulator


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A fun primive, in case of emergency.


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Procedural object (simpleObject) scripted plug-in

Copy this (.ms) to Max "stdplugs\stdscripts\" folder

CirPyramid is in the "Create/Geometry" tab in the "Scripted Primitives" menu


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Disco ball

6 votes

Disco ball primitive.

Fast Housing

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Fast Housing generates an architectural structure through a custom procedural mesh object, you can change parameters and watch the results in real time. It's an easy and intuitive way to create a house at a simple level, its versatility allows you to create your own style, usefull for the creation of urban backgrounds.

This script creates a FA_House primitive object which works as any 3ds Max object: any deformer can be applied, renderable, can be converted to mesh etc ...

Fibonacci Sphere

6 votes

Simple fibonacci sphere primitive (poles are not capped).

Furniture maxscript plugin

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FurnitureEdit: Demo version is available on our download page.

Furniture is a collection of four scripts for 3ds max that makes easier creation of furniture elements within 3ds max software package.Furniture plugin consists of four sub-scripts with which you can easily create, modify and manipulate:

 - cabinets with doors,

 - cabinets with drawers,

 - combined cabinets,

 - shelfs (vertical or horizontal)

by Albero Art


18 votes

Involute spur gear primitive, complete with tooth undercut and all-quad topology. Unencrypted and fully open for further hacking.

Gear scripted primitive

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