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Wall Worm Model Tools

59 votes

 A Hammer User's Guide to 3ds Max Wall Worm is the complete Source Engine Pipeline. With extensive exporters, importers, model, material and level design tools, Wall Worm makes working with the Source Engine fun.

Key Features

    Follow Them

    28 votes

    Follow Them was developed in order to help Game Developers work with more complex animations by reducing render calls. What script does, is to track listed objects' motion in Points and then attach all geometries into one and skin the new object with these Points.


    17 votes

    TerrainAxe : To accurately create


    16 votes

    dwTools is a set of few handy scripts for 3dsmax, that I made to speed up repetitive operations at work.

    - some UI changes
    - added: Assign Maps for materials of selected objects
    - added: dw_tools_starter.mcr so script could be assigned to hotkey
    - added: postfix customization for Assign Maps
    - added: DX toggle for materials of selected objects
    - fixed: crashing after 2nd check for SubMultiSub

    Teapot Invaders!

    12 votes

    It's Space Invaders... with teapots! Defend the world of Max and avoid being overwhelmed by the teapot attack. Enjoy!

    Screen Capture:


    To install:
    - Drag and drop the .mzp file into MAX
    - Close MAX, then open it back up
    - Look for JDLtools in the 'category' section
    - Add the tool in your quad menu, toolbar, or menu

    3Ds Tetris

    11 votes

    This is a full out Tetris game done in Max. It also has an online scoreboard where you can submit your score, and prove that you are the 3D Studio Max Tetris Master!


    11 votes

    It is a simple game for 3Dsmax (2009 or higher). Try to catch the red flying saucer. :)
    The video shows you how it works.


    10 votes

    Use your mouse to play a variation on the classic arcade game 'Snake'!




    8 votes

    Just for fun. I made a simple Puzzle game
    feel free to add more buttons, a timer, and maybe a high score log. and please send it back to me : )


    7 votes

    It's a game script for 3Dsmax (2009 or higher version). Try to catch the red flying saucer. :)

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