3D UI Vertex Align Tool

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Created by Trent Fealy. Modified by Kostadin Kotev

This script was created from Trent Fealy - www.studiosyntax.net

In this thread @airbrush asked someone to modify the script.

What i added to original script:

In version with UI - spinner to change the lenght of displayed lines and colorpicker to change the color of lines. The value of the spinner and the color will be saved in INI file every time when the rollout closes.

In version without UI - work best when assigned to a hotkey. If the INI file, created from version with UI, exist the script will use the color and lenght of lines stored in INI file.

Watch the video demonstration.

Version Requirement: 
max 9 and up
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3d_ui_vertex_align_tool_v11.ms10.52 KB
3d_ui_vertex_align_tool_noui_v11.ms10.73 KB


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It is so great! just I'm looking forward!

It works well at 3ds max 2016!

My only hope it support grid space coordinate as well
so i can activate custom grid space for different degree easier.
At the moment it only work in world space I think.

But still it is very useful for me!
Thanks you so much!

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Glad you found a solution. :)

Glad you found a solution. :)

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Hey, Apparently, in the no ui

Apparently, in the no ui script, the default value for spn_LenghtValue was 12. I observed that this acts somehow as a clamp.
The default 12 is huge for vertex selection inside a 1 meter object.
Reducing it at 0.25 will fit the bounding box for an selection on a 100m object as well as on a 1m one.

So yeah :) it works as expected now.

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Can you @airbrush or @headd

Can you @airbrush or @headd send me a sample scena and an image to show me what to select to get your problem with handle size?

I tried both scripts and if I first run version with UI and set the spinner to 1, then the handles(no matter which version I use) are always alogned to the bbox of selected objects. Maybe the problem is that i can't reproduce your selection.

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Awesome script, i use it

Awesome script, i use it everyday. One thing that bugs me is the handle size. I run the no ui script by shortcut.
Is it possible to dynamically adjust the handle size at the bounding box formed by the vertex selection?
If i select some vertices in a small area, the handle should be small, and if i select vertices at a large distance between them, the handle should be bigger.

It's default size, what does it mean? Meters, generic units ?

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where in the script can i

where in the script can i modify the length of the handles...i find the lowest value to be too large sometimes...is this based on a grid size? Would be great if the handles scaled to stay in viewport all the time or if the spinner would go below 1.

thanks again for modifying the script, use it all the time

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Thanks for modifying this

Thanks for modifying this script in my request. Much appreciated.

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