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!! NEW UPDATE TO v0.6 !!
CRC is a free script for generating car rigs in few clicks.

- few clicks rig creation
- support uneven surface
- supports body, wheels, steering wheel and breaks animation
- i tried to make it as simple as possible

installation: MAXScript->Run Script->install_CRC.mzp then in toolbars search for Frodo's Magic Bag->Car Rig Creator

animation created with this sript:

version 0.3.1:

- added labels to buttons so now you know what buttons do and what you must pick
- as track you cant select geometry object
- removed pivots pre-requirement now are sets automaticly

version 0.4:

- added steering wheel rig
- modifyin track shape after creating rig will not cause any axes helpers scaling

version 0.4.1

- added breaks rig
- fixed deflection of wheels from axes when are conformed to very steep surface
- animation control helpers is more evident (red one named "front axis helper")
- breaks(front or back pair) and steering wheel are not required
- whole script progress can be watched in listener window

in next release (v0.5) will be following features:

- thanks to Shawn Lewis's Follow Surface no max standard conform space warp is needed, so you will be able to set terrain directly in script ui(and thanks this creating of car rig will be mutch easier)
- car speed setup and measurement
- better layer management
- fixed OMG bug on folowing steep terrain

version 0.6

- after two days effort i decided to rewrite the code
- some promised features from v0.5 hasnt beed added :(
- car speed setup and measurement (testing)
- better layer management
- added simple camera with rig(standart)

install_crc_v0.6.mzp640.93 KB


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mad's picture

thanks for report i will fix

thanks for report i will fix it asap

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Having an error within 3DS Max 2019.
UNKNOWN ERROR : -- Runtime error: Not creatable: Normalize_Spl

arodrigues's picture

Doesn't Work in Max 2019

It doesn't work in max 2019 it gives me the error
UNKNOWN ERROR : -- Runtime error: Not creatable: Normalize_Spl

marcusrodriguez's picture

Insightful blog. I was

Insightful blog. I was unaware of such a term but thanks to you for making me aware about it. A vehicle animation truly fascinates us and arise interests in us to watch such animations. Now days with technological advancements anything is possible when it comes to technology. But there are other tools which are used in doing vehicle animations. Vehicle animations make us completely understand the whole topic clearly and practically with motion. Thanks for sharing the car rig creator installation and versions. I will surely give it a shot. Audi Repair Diamond Bar

marche's picture

ERROR : Wrong path node assign

Hello thank you very much for taking your time to make this script! but I have a ptoblem, after selecting the parts, I press create the rig now! button and I get the following error:

An error ocurred, please send this error to:

ERROR : Wrong path node assign

how can I fix???

breakneck001's picture


When i select the object and then clock on your interface, eg- i select body and select body on the scrip it says error select car body!

Cant seem to get it to select any object. Please help :(

kandee.arrow's picture

3ds max 2012 x64 - problem


I've done the all setup as per PRE-REQUIREMENTS process. Finally when im clicking the rig button and its showing "This script doesn't support yours system units. Speed will be wrong!"

Then once im clicking the OK button and its processing after that im getting below error msg.

"UNKNOWN ERROR : -- Incompatible types: 130.665, and undefined"

Please let me know what was the mistake i did and what is the solution. How can i select the terrain object.

salihelci's picture

UNKNOWN ERROR : -- Runtime

UNKNOWN ERROR : -- Runtime error: Illegal parent, possibly same node or ancestor node: $Editable_Poly:body_hooda_body002 @ [-33686.722656,-19494.988281,5156.842773]

can you help ?

spirobg's picture


I've tried the script on max 2012 x64 but it doesn't work it mess up the tyres and the body of the car at first i was trying with high quality model and then make a very simple model and i doesn't working again.... no errors just doesn't working i am sure for the linking part its not my bed..but good idea i hope i. managed it.

jos's picture

Well done

Simple, fast -> Well done.
I've created my car rig in no time.
(Tested on Max 2012 x64)

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