Create Vray Camera from Perspective View

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Oliver Emley

This is a script that will allow you to create a Max Standard Target Camera (Ctrl+C) at the click of a button. More importantly it will allow you to create a VRay Phycical Camera from prespect view at the touch of a button. No more having to align your Vray-camera with the standard Max Camera. You can also choose which camera to display in the selected viewport from a drop-down list



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To install simply copy the downloaded macroscript file to C:\Users\(Username...)\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMaxDesign\2013\ENU\usermacros You may need to enable show hidden files to access the folder. After that you open 3ds max, go to customize> Customize User Interface> Toolbars. Under category find Oliver Emley and then drag CAMVIEW to an existing toolbar or create a new one. I have created it in Max 2013 but it may work in prevous versions. Hope it makes all your lives easier.



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Max 2013 & Higher
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Thank you

So much for this incredibly useful script!

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--- a rip off from max

--- a  rip off from max create camera from viewport ported to vray physical camera
-- assign some keyboard to it , to make it easy
macroScript VRayPhysicalCamera_From_View
ButtonText:"Create V-Ray Camera From View"
internalCategory:"Lights and Cameras"
Tooltip:"Create V-Ray Physical Camera From View"
	on IsEnabled return (If (viewport.Gettype() == #view_persp_user) do return true)
	on execute do
	fn verifyRenderer=
		if (matchpattern ((renderers.current) as string) pattern:"v_ray*" ignoreCase:true) then return "vray" else return "other"
	myCamColor=(color 5 54 179)
	myCamTarget=getscreenscalefactor [0,0,0]
	myCamVOF= getViewFOV()
	myCamXForm= Inverse(viewport.getTM())
	if viewport.Gettype() == #view_persp_user do
			if (verifyRenderer()) == "vray" then	
				sCam=vrayPhysicalCamera  target_Distance:myCamTarget isSelected:on \
				sCam.fov= myCamVOF	
				sCam.Transform = myCamXForm 
				viewport.setcamera sCam	
				sCam.type = 0
				stdCam = Freecamera  targetDistance:myCamTarget isSelected:on wirecolor:myCamColor
				stdCam.fov = myCamVOF
				stdCam.orthoProjection = false 
				stdCam.Transform = myCamXForm 
				viewport.setcamera stdCam
				if(Perspective_Match.IsMatching() == false) then
					stdCam.type = #target = myCamColor
				--messageBox "\tCreate V-Ray PhysicalCamera \nonly support when you're set V-Ray as renderer !" title:"3ds Max"

assign to your ctrl+c'll create vray camera instead standard camera when its detect your renderer is vray , n standard camera if the renderer isnt vray.

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VRay Phycical Camera

by Con+c we can create default 3ds max camera, what about VRay Phycical Camera?
why chaos group did not working on this?

Architectural Drawings and Projects

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A VRay camera can be aligned

A VRay camera can be aligned to the perspective view by creating it in another viewport, activating perspective view and THEN use 'CTRL + C' as normal.

This will align the new VRay camera to the perspective fact it'll align any selected VRay camera to the perspective view.

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Yeah, but you can find this in Z Tools, you can find more here 

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Very useful, thank you!

Very useful, thank you!

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