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Budi Gunawan

Initially, this a only script to assist making tight cloth for character of with editablepoly.
But perhaps this can assist to make the other model. ^^
Handy to create twin faces from selection of polygons to becoming raw model or maybe final model.

Additional Info: 

- Select some face then pick this script,
first time the face will becoming new object.
- Click around the new objects or viewport.
- Step by step with mouse appliance movement and clicking.
Find guide note under the Mini-Listener.
Some modifiers will be added, this for some distance and thickness.
At the same time, if pressing keyboard :
'SHIFT' changing the values of case becomes vice versa.
'CTRL' as adding mouse movement weight.
'ALT' as losing weight mouse movement.
- while mouse finishing the action, mini rollout editor will be appears,
you can adjust again or skip by closing button.
(Find example of images and the simple demonstration in pack).

By aborting mouse before depletion, result of the script admit of to be used.
Cause have specified like that if requiring some case from stages.

Tips: If the source object have UVW map, my suggest to collapse beforehand, So that the twin faces have same UVW.

Copy BGtools_FaceGrabO.mcr to your \ui\macroscripts\ directory,
restart Max and you will find it under CustomizeUserinterface, Category 'BG tools'

Version Requirement: 
max 8
Video URL: 
facegrabo.zip296.13 KB


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mantabs... thx bud, urang

mantabs... thx bud, urang vote deh hehehe

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Sometimes it really boggles

Sometimes it really boggles my mind to think how it's possible for someone whose English is so garbled to produce a script that's understandable to the computer. This is by no means an insult, merely an observation. I had no idea what the script does by reading the description above, and I really wonder how the coder can successfully write a functional and comprehensive script and really botch the description of it so badly. Amazing!

Budi G's picture

your welcome jamoka

your welcome jamoka :)

just note to everyone :
this script update here FaceGrabO v1.5

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thanks great!



Budi G's picture

Hi... thank you Ivan. well ,

thank you Ivan.

well , this my old scripts ...
maybe someday I will be able to update it


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It's so great. learning

It's so great. learning

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