FumeFX to Redshift Volume script

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Fumefx 2 RedshiftVolumeGrid -FFX2RedshiftVolume miniscript v0.1 -- 8/9/2019
Created by David Aviles. [email protected] .

FFX2RedshiftVolume is a small script that creates Redshift volumegrid/s from two or more, selected and already simmed FumeFX grids.
It will align the created Redshift Volume objects to FumeFx grids and rename them accordingly as well as loading the cache files from the master FumeFx grids.

It was inspired by Fumefx VZim v1.4 script -- 8/5/2019 .
Created by Ronnee Swenton and Property of White Wizard Entertainment, LLC.
Thanks for this tool guys!
but none of your code is here, just an inspirational variable and this help layout.

In my workflow i do prefer to first simulate multiple FumeFX grids via Deadline and then, and once the cache files are ready, do the align, rename and repath work.
So this tool is perfect if you want to render your already simmed and compatible FumeFX VDB cache in Redshift.

-Right before start, be sure your cache sequence frame number is in four digits _0000 . If not, you can change it manually at line 68 of this script to make it 000 for instance
- Select all the already simmed FumeFX grids
- Run the script
- Yes, I know! there's no ui, no macro, no button, no nothing, just a crude raw script to run. Hope it changes in the next iteration.
- Feel free to share this script and alter it as needed.

Version Requirement: 
3dsmax 2016 and up.
Other Software Required: 
FumeFX 4.1 and up. Redshift 2.4 and up
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