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v 2.3
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I stopped the development of this version an it's likely to continue that way. The last version available to public download is 2.3 and present some unfinished bugs.

Version 3.0 is a complete rewrite, currently available as a Free complement of my tool refGuides. It improves performance and adds new functionality, also fixing to current bugs and a new UI.



  • v 2.3
  • major bugfixes regarding map transformations
  • general optimizations
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • v 2.0
  • FIT, CENTER Gizmo functions
  • general code improvements
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • v1.04
  • Fixed an error with flip tile checkboxes
  • Added ability to "lock" the spinners
  • v1.1 
  • Code optimization and bugfixes
  • feature change: now its possible to change map tiling values in "fit" mode
  • new: added Real World Scale option


  • 1- Select objects to be mapped, run the tool
  • 2- Set Map options, if you leave "Edit Map" unchecked, the gizmo will be fitted to each destination objects
  • 3- The little "L" boxes lock togheter the spinners
  • 4- Apply/Delete Map!
  • NOTE: real world scale doesn't support all map types, so if an invalid one is selected, box mapping will be applied instead.
Additional Info: 

INSTALL | for 3ds Max 2014:

  • Copy Files to:

*.mcr C:/users/[your_current_user]/AppData/Local/Autodesk/[your_3ds Max edition]/[your_3ds Max version]/ENU/usermacros
*.ms C:/users/[your_current_user]/AppData/Local/Autodesk/[your_3ds Max edition]/[your_3ds Max version]/ENU/scripts

  • Drag and drop *.mzp file in Max viewport
  • Restart Max
  • The tool is located under de category "HAG Tools", Drag and drop it to a toolbar.
Version Requirement: 
3d Max 2011+


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ibhurln's picture

multimap still available

greetings, is this tool still available? it is not found on the developers website. anyone have this still? thanks!

3dwannab's picture

Adding that would be great.

Adding that would be great. And I'd rather the UVW xform modifier to change/randomise the UV's as opposed to manipulation of the UVW Map gizmo anyway. Look forward to the update.

Atelier Bump's picture


Sorry Stephen, Transform only works in nodes with an UVWmap modifier applied.

As far as I know, there is no exposed method to maxscript to manipulate uvw coordinates (at least not one that doesn't require a lot of low-level programming...)
the Best I can do, is to add an option for adding individual UVW Xform modifiers in a single step.


3dwannab's picture

This tool doesn't allow to

This tool doesn't allow to randomly move, scale UV's after you unwrap them. If it did then it would be awesome. The UVW xform is slow having to modify each object separately.

I'd be very grateful if this could be implemented. Thanks.

Atelier Bump's picture


I will look foward for the error, I must forgot something...  I just updated the script with the fix.

I understand what you say about Gizmo oriented to face normal, but cince aligment options for UVWmaps isn't exposed to maxscripts, the only way its to recreate it, it can be done, but its a lot of work.

vidivini500's picture


Hi Ariel, finally you did! All new features sounds great, but I have some questions

I can't use Advanced Transforms. APPLY, FIT and CENTER send me and error (see attached)

When you work with select faces, scripts put one uvw fitted for all select faces. It can be useful, of course, but I think would be good an option to put an individual uvw in each face oriented to its z normal

Less important. In Map Dimension I have 100m by default, I see in your capture 1m and it would be right. 100m or 10000cm seems to be too high for default number


hag_error01.jpg 11.98 KB
vidivini500's picture


Very nice Ariel! Waiting for see new features and probably suggest more things ;)

Atelier Bump's picture

Hi vividini!. Like to hear

Hi vividini!.
Like to hear the tool it's useful to you. I've partially implemented element subselection, and you random transformations its a nice suggestion. I itend to add too an option for random select appli ID's to elements too.
I will leave this script at it is, and relase a full featura one, hopefully soon.


vidivini500's picture

Very nice Ariel, I think you

Very nice Ariel, I think you can add two things and you would have a perfect all in one for rapid uvs.

First, randomize parameters. Transform, rotate, scale. There are some nice scripts here and maybe you can implement code fastly. For rotate, aleatory valours from a degree to other, but would be useful you can put fixed valours. For example. 90, -90, 180, -180... and random only take this valours.

Second, work in suboject level. Polygon or element. Now is easy detach all element, run your script and then attach elements, but an all in one would be great ;)

By the way, if you can leave all as you have, for me is a very useful script


Atelier Bump's picture

Added Real world scale

Added Real world scale feature you asked for, also, some bugfixes, hope it will be useful.

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