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Alexander Kramer (Track)

Project Manager -the utility for cataloging and use 3d models,materials, IES,HDRI & etc..
It help you with cataloging and using in your projects of a bitmaps, library of models and materials, also IES and HDRI files.
For more convenient job with libraries all information is presented in the thumbnails view.
The utility supports the viewing of all image formats supported by 3ds Max(Such as HDRI,EXR,TGA,PSD and more).

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Project Manager v.2.02.01 is released!

New Features:

  • Support to multiple Favorites folders
  • Favorites can contain the folders and files
  • New View type: Thumbnails & Details
  • Increase speed of loading the items
  • Increase the size of thumbnails up to 256px
  • Reducing the size of used memory
  • Adds the support to Corona Proxy
  • Adds the support to Corona IES
  • Adds the support to Octane IES
  • Adds the ability to merge models by double-clik
  • Adds the ability to assign the material by double-clik
  • Adds the ability to assign the IES-file by double-clik
  • Read more

Update History for all versions.

Asset Files

Quick Start.

Project Manager v.2.03.51

  • Display the query before removing links from scene.
  • Fixed the issue with sorting the directories in the treeView.
  • Fixed the issue with renaming some files.
  • Fixed the issue with visibility some context menu items in the treeView.
  • Fixed an issue with collect files to network path.
  • Fixed a some minor issues in the ‘Batch Render&Relink’ tool.
  • Fixed a bug when run the activation from the 3ds max menu.

Project Manager v.2.03.35

  • Add the ability to render the preview as .png with alpha channel.
  • Fixed an issue with pick the target object for paint after merging.
  • Add the ability to set custom path to database files (see the tab ‘Miscellaneous’ in the ‘Preferences’ dialog).
  • Add the ability to send a request for update the license from the Windows.
Additional Info: 

This is a commercial script.

Wishlist for future versions.

  • multiple Favorites folders [ready]
  • Search files [ready]
  • Save\Apply materials with modifiers [ready]
  • Custom studio for materials and models [ready]
  • Show materials in tree

Note: Please use latest updates for your version of 3ds max
3ds Max Updates & Service Packs
3ds Max Design Updates & Service Packs
For plug-in work it is required to Net Framework version 3.5.
Known Issues:
3ds max 2010 does not correctly work with files and folders that contain non-unicode characters(Russian, Chine).


Demo version allows to work only with non-strikeout files.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2010 and above (32 and 64 bits)
Other Software Required: 
Net Framework version 4.0
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minutes12's picture

very interesting blog... you

very interesting blog... you may be a good or writer, i'd liked to read more article of yours! thank you for the great information you've shared to us.
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Track's picture

I did remove this ability

I did remove this ability more than two years ago.
You a first who has reminded about it.
Sorry, but i not see any reason for revert it back.

Daryliran's picture

please bring back folder type

in your previous project manager we can easily assign folder for each type of files and was very convenient, but now we have to do one by one and sometimes I do mistake in typing folder or maps were saved in other folder for example. please bring back this feature, It is very handy and make our work very fast.

project-manager-asset-files.jpg 22.46 KB
Track's picture

Project Manager version 2

The version 2 now in development.
Now I can not give a release date.

3dbybrunolopes's picture

Version 2.*


When will the new version come out?

Track's picture

Saving the modifiers with material

Thanks - soon i post the update for fix it.
Also note:
The VRayDisplacement modifier must be enabled the checkbox "Use object mtl" for saving with material.

G2Zs's picture

Hello,I' ve tried the demo


I' ve tried the demo and i've met with the following issues:
- when i save a material and the object has multiple modifiers, it save only the bottom one
- doesn't saves the vraydisplacement if that is applied to the object

Had anyone else met with these problems? (using max2014)


rimeslenna's picture

Using project manager to

Using project manager to develop a new hotel safes model. I'm very eager to complete and display it as soon as possible.

Track's picture

Project Manager can display embedded thumbnails

The Project Manager can display thumbnails embedded into max file.
Also you can render preview for your scenes with "Batch Render" utility or from selected files in Project Manager.

qad417's picture

preview of model

does Project Manager make preview of model? or U have to prepare images by your self>?

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