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The Quad Chamfer modifier produces all quad chamfers, unlike the normal 3ds Max chamfer which produces a lot of triangles and ngons. Get it from https://mariussilaghi.com/products/quad-chamfer-modifier



It is the succesor of the Quad Chamfer maxscript, improving on by:
Speed. Being a native c++ plugin now it allows you to modify chamfers in real time.
Control. You can determine the look of your chamfers by controling their sharpness/roundness.
Robustness. A robust new algorithm allows you to chamfer any edge combinations without unpredictable results.
Flexibility. You don’t have to commit to any chamfer, you can always change them later.
Workflow. With the new “Use Smoothing Groups” option you can chamfer the sharp edge between smoothing groups. This allows you to go under the Quad Chamfer modifier and make changes to the topology without destroying your chamfers.

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3ds Max 9 - 2021
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Hi! It seems really


It seems really interesting, but I have a little question; I have tried some other "similar" plugins to smooth edges, but they don't work with a linked AutoCAD 3D objects, nor with imported ones, I don't know why.
As it seems to be common, I would ask you if Quad Chamfer can work with those 3D objects and how, before purchasing.

Thank you!

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2014 support

2013 plugins work by default in 2014. Just use the files from 2013.

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Quad Chamfer 1.16 update

- Fixed a lot of bugs and crashes

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@cecofuli Before collapsing

@cecofuli Before collapsing the quad chamfer modifier add an Edit Mesh modifier on top and then collapse it. Or if it is already collapsed try adding the edit mesh and collapse it again.

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BUG: Hi Marius, often I've

BUG: Hi Marius, often I've this bug. For example, with UNDO, the in mesh the round corner disappear.

bug.jpg 150.48 KB
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small bug

There is probably a bug with "Push 2" function. Look at the attachment.

quadchamfer_bug_cross.jpg 85.1 KB
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damn its very good

damn its very good plug.....youre very creative man.I wonder if autodesk will buy your plug and implemented it in their product.

btw its very good plug and time saver

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Quad Chamfer mod Trial

I made a 7 days trial version available. Get it from here http://www.mariussilaghi.com/qchamfermod.htm

stealthx right now it is not possible what you are asking, maybe I will find a way to add it in a future release

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Really great plugin!!

Could I ask if there is some reason, why "Iterations = 4" add 15 new edges? I can't add for example 2 edges but only 1, 3, 7, 15 ... new edges. This is problem for low-poly models. Would it be possible to have TWO Iterations = TWO new edges?

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Changes for v1.13

Changes for v1.13.
- The UI has been redesigned.
- Added ability to save and load presets.
- Added ability to use Round Shading at iteration 0 to make the chamfer look round without adding extra geometry.
- Added a new Face Selection chamfering type.
- The Material Id can be set a zero now so that the new faces inherit the Material ID of the old faces.
- Fixed a bug when chamfering large n-gons with holes in them.
- Fixed a bug that occurred when the cut tool was used on edges that were being chamfered by their edge weights.


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