Deformed Edges

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Branko Živković

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With this tool user can deform selected edges of Editable Poly objects.
This will give your model a more natural look with raw edges.
For example: wooden or concrete pillars or walls, pieces of clay or ice, rude metal etc.

Additional Info: 

Follow these five step:
1. Select your model (the conditions are: model must be converted
as Editable Poly object with none modifiers assigned).
2. Manually select edges or you can use the button
*Select Contour Edges* which will select all edges
with the given minimum and maximum angle between
two faces who share same edge.
3. When the edges are selected press *Analize Topology*
button to recive some inportant pararametars for
precalculation process.
4. I suggest to use default settings for the first deformation
process by pressind *Defor Selected Edges* Button.
Then activate *Interactive mode* which will allow you to have
direct feedback of any changes on your model.
5. You can also use *Peview UNS* (use NURMS Subdivision)
with display iterations, or remove all changes on model
topology (*Revert Object Topology*).
tuts deformededges
N O T E: If your object has a large polygon count
(high poly model) then do not recommend that you
use *Interactive mode* or if you do choose to use this mode
in the previously described conditions then try to
increase or decrease spinner value only by one.
Take a look very nice presentation of this tool by Chandan Kumar on

Place the file into a
max script directory.
This script is written and tested on 3dsMax 2011 x64
and 3dsMax 2012 x64, but it may work in older version.

Denis Trofimov (Denis T) for his great input
regarding optimization of code.

You can put a comment on CGTalk Forum where you can see also
making of *Deformed Edges* script. Follow this link:
Recent tests with version 1.0

Version 1.1 New Features:
- now you can use BEVEL operation to create a stitches
NOTE: To disable bevel option just set *Bevel Height* value to ZERO.
- added Preview Checker Map options for cheking the model UV's.

Version Requirement: 
bga_deformededges_v1.1.ms16.75 KB


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fede4383's picture

Great script, toolbar shortcut?

Hi and thanks for this very usefull script

I was wondering how to add it on a toolbar button?
the 'select contour edges' is incredibly usefull, I'd like to use it sevral times while modeling


brainsgonedead's picture

Results are not that great and can be done in 3 simple steps!

I tried this script and it did not give good results and is a bit slow and has issues with undoing (history mode).

See my attachment, all you need to do is add a chamfer mod, add subdivision, select the edges of the chamfer around the object, then select the vertices (from edge mode) now add a noise mod. As shown in the attachment image...

untitled-1.jpg 569.27 KB
JakubCech's picture


Hello there!
Great script.
I would love to ask you for improvements - these are my suggestions!
1. ma deform edges a modifier without the need to have object converted to edit poly (not destroying stack).
2. Make "bevel" function edges orientation aware - so when there is "bevel" being applied on an architectural column and lets say ceiling - its working on 90 and 270 degrees edges according to normals. So there is no need for 2 passes.
3. Make created corner quads! Actually this script is making corners look very wierd.

Let me know what you think and if I am missing something that is maybe already applied.

Thank you,

MaximuM's picture

Great !

Very useful script, thanks a lot !

artrager's picture

Thank you!

Works great! I will use this all the time, a much needed tool for stonework. Thanks!

barigazy's picture


I'm glad you like it :)


bathyscaph's picture

I've only wanted this for forever . . .

. . . very clever tool. Thanks for sharing!

james88's picture

Great idea!

Great idea!

barigazy's picture


Yup. I agree with that, probably in the next update.


rs3d's picture

A modifier would be great!

A modifier would be great!

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