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Andrei Kletskov (111)

this scripts does the same thing as a free plugin GLUE does, namely it glues objects to a surface. i've written this sript because i was tired of necessity of looking for new recompiled plugins with every new max release. and this script can do a bit more than original: it can align glued objects to normal, and you can glue along any vector, defined with tape helper object. more with newer version - vertex projection, eye ray, more precision


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Thank you, Good job!

Thank you, Good job!

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this move pivot z

$.pivot.z = $.center.z

Rivanoor Bren

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x- and y-coordiantes moved when using ""Surf align"

Hello Andrej, thank you very much for your awesome script. Sadly I have a litte problem. When I hit "surf align" the x- and y-coordinates are moved a litte bit from the one of the original spline. When I hit "Glue spline knots" additional all is fine with these coordinates. But in that case the pivot remains in the position of the original object. What can I do? I want a accurate projection of the z-coordiante to the surface while the x- and y-coordinates should be exactly the same as before and he pivot x-axis should be orientated along the axis of the new generated spline. It would be fine if you could give me some advice. Sadly I found no script which does these step seperatly (aligning the pivot). Thanks in advance.
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Amazing tool,
saves hundreds of hours of time
Thanks a lot <3

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what do you mean?

subdividing the spline? you can do it with Spline Normalize modifier before glueing your spline.

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Can you add spline

Can you add spline interpolation like the Glue utility has? I'd like to use your script, but it lacks this critical feature.

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multiple or selection set surfaces

Great Script Andrei, Is it possible to have base object to select a list of surfaces option ?

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Andrei, Thanx very much for

Andrei, Thanx very much for this script. Looking forward to new features.

squeakybadger, use Macrotize script to do that.

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new version 0.9

new features:
- offset (positive and negative)
- automatic selection of ground object (closest along shooting ray)
- keeping front direction of glued objects with "Surf. normal align" option (now objects do not rotate randomly)
- UI changed to be more compact

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is it possible to install

is it possible to install this as a macroscript?

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